Contract Manufacturing


Chemical Toll Manufacturing Services

The AXEL Difference.


AXEL is an experienced provider of chemical toll manufacturing services to a broad range of chemical markets. Operating in Monroe, Connecticut, we have a small volume focus, and can provide fast, reliable manufacturing solutions for your unique needs.

In addition to liquid, powder, and pellet blending, AXEL has the capacity to ship, handle, and store flammables, corrosives, and hazmats. Our facility is dye and perfume-free, in addition to being certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard and in process of 14001 and 45001 certifications. Our highly responsive customer service team can accommodate short lead times and flexible scheduling. As a chemical toll provider and contract manufacturer with over 80 years of B2B experience, AXEL provides our customers with solutions to their own internal manufacturing limitations and unleash their potential.

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  • Contract manufacturing for custom formulations
  • Liquids, powders, and pellets storage
  • Storage of flammable and corrosive raw materials and products 
  • Assist with procurement/supply chain  
  • QC with specialized analytical equipment 
  • Support new product or process development with R&D and product management


Reactor Production Equipment Capacity

  • Scale up batches from 5 gallon to 60 gallon in pilot plant reactor 
  • Manufacture in 500 to 1,700 gallon stainless-steel jacketed and agitated reactors in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. 
  • All reactors have pump recirculation and filters for final product 
  • Can handle flammable materials with engineered systems that include: 
    • Nitrogen inerting capability 
    • Condensers for environmental control on reactors



Powder/Pellet Capacity

  • Powders manufactured with a double cone blender, between 800-1200 lbs 
  • All loading done through vacuum system 
  • Dry powder chemical blending capabilities include dry powder sieving to provide full manufacturing capacity to our customers