Special Markets / Concrete & Polymer Concrete Molding


AXEL provides a variety of proprietary release products to meet the production requirements of: precast concrete walls and cladding; veneer stone; polymer concrete utility boxes and trenches and many other concrete and polymer concrete applications. The most popular products appear below.

Brand Type Product Number Used For Features Application Technique
MoldWiz® Water-Based WB-2725 Polymer Concrete Electrical boxes, and trenches and other products. Used on FRP and metal molds 100% water-based 20% active – dilute with water. Spray or wipe on molds. Allow to dry before molding. Applied as needed. Multiple releases may be possible depending on part geometry and mold type.
MoldWiz® Water-Based WB-CONC Precast Concrete Walls Concrete Cladding, and Brickface Used on FRP, metal, and urethane molds, and steel 100% water-based 20% active – dilute with water. Will not discolor molded parts. Dries to a non- marking film. No footprints on parts. No slip hazards in the workplace. Spray or wipe on. Allow to dry before molding. Apply before each casting.
XTEND® Solvent-Based 19RBU Polymer Concrete Molding. Long lasting semi-permanent release for all mold types. Also used to produce, and protect urethane elastomer molds. Provides multiple release on all mold types. Protects elastomer molds. Also useful for sealing cast aluminum molds. Wipe or spray on; let cure before using.
MoldWiz® Solvent-Based PU-13RX Concrete or Polymer Concrete Quick drying, high slip liquid wax. Spray or wipe on. Repeat as needed.
Brand Type Product Number Used For Features Addition
MoldWiz® Internal INT-DLP22E Internal mold release additive for Polymer Concrete. Small addition greatly improves release of parts. Reduces external release requirements. Often effective at 1% of resin weight, although higher loading can be used if desired.

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