Composites / Cleaners and Strippers

The products below represent those that are most commonly used, but not all of the products that AXEL offers. Please contact us for additional assistance in identifying the best product for your application.

Download the brochure: Solutions for Composites: External Mold Releases

Brand Base Product Number Application Technique/Temperature Type of Mold Features
CleanWiz® Solvent-based CW-10/NC Stripper Scrub over mold surface; Wait (in hot conditions, cover mold to slow evaporation); Water wash. FRP, Epoxy, Aluminum, steel etc. Recommended for removing heavy buildup of paste waxes. Also good for removing styrene buildup on textured, or non-skid mold areas.
CleanWiz® Solvent-based CX-500 Cleaner General purpose cleaner. Best used at ambient temperature. Wipe on liberally and wipe off before dry FRP, Epoxy, Metal Quick flashing solvent blend that is a good first step for preparing molds for application of release.
CleanWiz® Solvent-based CX-525 Cleaner/ Stripper Designed primarily for cleaning warm molds in production. Quick wipes clean minor residue while longer soaking will strip molds completely. FRP, Epoxy, Metal Excellent for in-process cleaning in RTM, compression etc. Effective at removing styrene and urethane buildup and mold release residue from molds.
CleanWiz® Water-based WCX Stripper SHAKE WELL Scrub/rub liberally over mold surface; Wait 15 minutes; Wipe off excess; Liberally water wash. FRP, Epoxy, Metal (except plated) 100% water-based stripper that will remove most mold release agents. Also highly recommended for removing silicone, oils, and animal fat contamination from polishes and other compounds.