Pultrusion / Internal Mold Releases

First in the field of pultrusion lubricants, AXEL remains a leader in the industry. MoldWiz® pultrusion lubricants are specially formulated for every type of resin system including not only polyesters and vinyl esters, but also hybrid resin systems, epoxies, and the finest polyurethane lubricants available.

At AXEL, special attention is provided to pultrusion applications that require high filler and glass loadings, difficult profiles, and high production demands. AXEL has the solution for every pultrusion application; whether you pultrude ladder rail, optical cable, bridge structures, or aerospace components, you can be confident that AXEL products will decrease your cycle times and yield premium quality products.

The products below represent those that are most commonly used, but not all of the products that AXEL offers. Please contact us for additional assistance in identifying the best product for your application.

Download the brochure: Solutions for Pultrusion

Resin Product Recommended for:
Polyester Vinyl Ester INT-PUL24 Enhanced performance for polyesters and vinyl-esters; for demanding operations and fast line speeds.
Polyester Vinyl Ester INT-PUL34 Enhanced performance for demanding applications, high loading of ATH (>50phr). Best for MMA and hybrid resins as well.
Polyester Vinyl Ester INT-524M General purpose; low complexity or smaller profiles.
Polyester Vinyl Ester INT-542WT MMA modified polyester and BPO cures.
Polyester Vinyl Ester INT-PS125 Industry standard for aramids (Kevlar®), also can be used across the board for polyester and vinyl-ester resin.
Epoxy INT-1324 INT-1324B INT-1324 for DICY systems. INT-1324B for anhydride amines and DICY blends.
Epoxy INT-1857DC INT-1846 Aromatic amine cured epoxy.
Epoxy INT-1846N2 Neutralized formulation. Amine or anhydride cures.
Epoxy INT-1888LE INT-1850HT Bisphenol A or F epoxy with various cures. Especially where high Tg must be maintained.
Epoxy INT-1888LE INT-1890M For acid anhydride or imidazole cures.
Epoxy INT-1888LE INT-1324B INT-1846N2 Acid andhydride, w/ tertiary amine or imidazole. Example: MTHPA
Phenolic INT-1850HT General purpose. Also good for some high temp epoxies.
Polyurethane INT-1948MCH High performance for PU pultruded profiles. Excellent profile surface, high line speeds, low pull forces, excellent miscibility with polyol and no foaming, or separation.
Polyurethane INT-1940RTM High performance for PU closed mold resins. Processes include infusion, RTM, etc.
Polyurethane INT-1960MCH Release for PU pultrusion, primarily aliphatic based systems.
Polyurethane INT-1968RAC Release for PU pultrusion, primarily aromatic systems.