Bonded Coating Lubricants

A new technology in bonded coating lubricants

The complete line of RO-59 bonded lubricant products combines the durability advantages of bonding with the exceptional lubrication properties of Teflon, in an environmentally-safe, easy-to-use, water-based formula. Unparalleled in lubrication and corrosion protection, RO-59 products can work for you wherever friction is a problem.

RO-59 TM-8 Lasting bonding, wearability, lubrication properties. Cosmetic finish. Functional from 32ºF-550ºF.
RO-59 TM-88G Increased longevity and durability than TM-8, also functional from 32ºF-550ºF.
RO-59 TM-4 Premium product, strongest lubricity. Ideal for automotive use.
RO-59 TM-88 Functionally effective to 350ºF. Very strong coating. Ideal for automotive or aerospace.
RO-59 TM-4XO Stronger and more lubricity than TM-88. Also functional to 350ºF.
RO-59 TM-P Ideal for small parts.
RO-59 TM-PPTX Increased wearability and lubricity.


RO-59 formulations can be used successfully in most environments with its wide temperature tolerance range and non-reactivity with most chemicals. The simplicity and safe use of RO-59 products can be successfully applied in-house with applied in-house with:

Metal finishing Manufacturing Food processing
Pizza pans Fasteners Marine
Aerospace Electronics Sports equipment
Scientific instruments Bearings Chains
Gears Valves Controls
Hydraulics Vacuums Motors
Throttles Hinges Slide mechanisms