Laminates / Internal Mold Releases

The products below represent those that are most commonly used for laminate applications, but not all of the products that AXEL offers. Please contact us for additional assistance in identifying the best product for your needs.

Download the brochure: Solutions for Laminates

Base Product Number Resin Description PH (avg.) Actives (avg.)
Release /Wetting / Flow Enhancers INT-1E-11S Melamine, Urea Ready to use 9.0 12.5%
Release /Wetting / Flow Enhancers INT-4E-11CC Melamine, Urea Concentrate 9.5 47%
Release /Wetting / Flow Enhancers INT-XPH Phenolic, Melamine, Urea, Latex Emulsion for water-based resin systems 8.6-9.2 100%
Release /Wetting / Flow Enhancers INT-EPH19 Melamine, Urea, Phenolic For use in amine neutralized & PUD. Enhanced antifreeze properties. Can be used directly or diluted in water. 8.5 65%
Release /Wetting / Flow Enhancers INT-2E-ATS Melamine, Urea, Phenolic (aqueous) Multi-functional: Enhances scratch/mar/stain resistance 10.0 19%
Release /Wetting / Flow Enhancers INT-1312MS Phenolic Methanol – low water tolerant resin systems 8.0 100%
Release /Wetting / Flow Enhancers INT-2424 Phenolic Water/alcohol resin systems NA 100%
Anti-Blockers AB-6 Phenolic, Melamine, Urea Contains fluoropolymer 9.3 6%
Anti-Blockers AB-25FG Phenolic, Melamine, Urea Multi-functional: also blocks moisture 9.7 14%
Scratch / Mar / Stain Resistance INT-2E-ATS Melamine, Urea Multifunctional – also provides release 10 19%