Advanced Composites

Brand Type Product Number Features
XTEND® Cleaner Aqua-Clean 220 Aqua-Clean 220 is a non-flammable, non-corrosive, water-based stripper. 220 adds a very fine abrasive for additional strength. This is the product of choice for removing mold release agents, silicone contamination, and residue from many mold polishes and compounds.
XTEND® Cleaner CX-500 Solvent based cleaner for removing most polishes and compounds, as well as light styrene build-up. The most important step for high performance.
XTEND® Primer PR-ACP A high-gloss tool primer that maximizes surface sealing and eliminates substrate porosity. Used to condition the surface of CFRP and FRP molds. Epoxy/PU and hybrid tooling substrates.
XTEND® Sealer UMS Newest sealer with industry-leading ease of application and highest gloss. Quickest mold sealer to apply on the market; best-in-class.
XTEND® External Release ACR-HS Excellent high slip release properties for complex parts or aggressive resins, epoxy resin, phenolic and advanced pre-preg materials. Quick wipe-on leave-on and spray-on leave-on application. Will work at ambient and elevated tool temperatures.
XTEND® External Release ACR-LS Rapid curing semi-permanent mold release agent that provides multiple releases with no transfer to the molded part. Can be used with epoxy resin, phenolic resin and advanced pre-preg materials, wipe-on leave-on and spray-on leave-on application. Xtend AC-LS is the lower slip version of AC-HS, where a matte or satin finish is required.
MoldWiz® External Release 462EPU Aerosol 462EPU, is a superior, general purpose release, in an easy-to-use aerosol can. 462EPU is recommended for critical pins, dowels and flanges require additional release. Reduces resin flash and build-up on these areas.
MoldWiz® External Release 249 A liquid external release agent that dries at room temperature forming a monomolecular film. This can be used as an alternative to 462EPU where an aerosol is not permitted. Used for critical pins, dowels and flanges.

AXEL’s complete system of products created exclusively for advanced composite manufacturers is designed to provide the best overall performance when used together. These industry-leading products offer fast application, tougher surface finishes, high gloss levels, and exceptional quality. To learn more and discuss your specific needs with our advanced composites team, please fill out the form below.