Polyurethane / Internal Mold Releases

Internal mold releases for polyurethane are typically used at addition rates of 1% -2% on system weight; however, certain processes (like pultrusion,), or high filler loadings may necessitate higher addition levels. For best results, pre-production evaluations should be conducted. Internal mold releases are typically added to polyol, or the less reactive system component.

These are only a few of the many products AXEL offers. Please contact us for other options or special requirements.

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Brand Product Number Typical Application /Comments
MoldWiz® INT-1230 General purpose release- foam or elastomers and non-aqueous in-mold coatings.
MoldWiz® INT-120IMC Release additive for in-mold coatings and polyureas.
MoldWiz® INT-EPH19 Release additive for water-borne polyureas.
MoldWiz® INT-1681OG Release for optical grade cast PU.
MoldWiz® INT-1948MCH Release for PU pultrusion.
MoldWiz® INT-1940RTM Release additive for RTM, Infusion, or other closed molded PU processes.