Whatever you are molding; however you are molding it, AXEL has the perfect mold release solution for you. From open molding to advanced composite applications, AXEL offers water and solvent-based semi-permanent mold release systems to fit your specific needs. We have a variety of polymeric multi-pull release products and internal mold releases that are specially formulated for every type of resin.

Whether you mold epoxy aerospace parts or polyester tubs and showers, AXEL understands your molding requirements and is ready to provide you with mold release systems proven to work in your industry.

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Download the brochures: Solutions for Composites: External Mold Releases & Solutions for Composites: Internal Mold Releases

External Mold Releases

Open Molding / Resin Infusion / Bagging
Cast Polymers
Filament Winding
Closed Molding

Mold Sealers

Mold Sealer

Cleaners & Strippers

Cleaners & Strippers

Internal Mold Releases

Polyester/Vinyl Ester