We appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into building a successful business. AXEL can offer a long-term home for your business, its brands, and your employees. With an ongoing existing business, we have the flexibility to structure a transaction that makes sense for your financial goals.

We are looking to acquire specialty chemical businesses or product lines which meet the following criteria:

  • Financial
    • $300,000 – $1,000,000 of annual pre-tax operating profit
    • EBITDA margins >15%
    • Stable cash flows and pricing
  • Business characteristics
    • B2B
    • North American business represents >65% of sales
    • Minimal customer concentration
    • Recurring-order consumable product(s)
  • Acquisition criteria
    • Purchase price <$5 million
    • Seeking asset-light purchases that can be consolidated into our operations

We are eager to hear from principals or their representatives of businesses which meet these criteria. To discuss in more detail, contact Jake Axel either by email ( or phone (646.269.5210).