Composites / Mold Sealer

The products below represent those that are most commonly used, but not all of the products that AXEL offers. Please contact us for additional assistance in identifying the best product for your application.

Download the brochure: Solutions for Composites: External Mold Releases


Brand Base Product Number Application Technique/Temperature Type of Mold Features Yields
Semi-Permanent XTEND® Solvent-based XTR Mold Sealer Wipe on/Wipe off. Apply at ambient or up to 150°F/66°C. Mold up to 450°F/232°C. FRP, Epoxy, Aluminum etc. Recommended for all new FRP molds and as an initial preparation when molds have been completely cleaned or repaired. High gloss Class “A”
Semi-Permanent XTEND® Solvent-based PR-20 Primer Wipe or spray on at ambient temperature. Post cure if desired. Mold up to 450°F/232°C. FRP, Epoxy, Porous molding surfaces Restores gloss on worn FRP tooling, seals porosity in epoxy tools. Can be used to seal many types of plugs and patterns. HAS NO RELEASE PROPERTIES. Restored gloss
Semi-Permanent XTEND® Solvent-based AMS Wipe on and wipe off. PE, VE Easy application for new or repaired molds, difficult part shapes, or aggressive resins. High gloss