AXEL offers a variety of mold release products to meet the challenges of molding polyurethane parts. Providing water and solvent borne external release agents and internal release additives to meet the requirements of processes ranging from simple, hand poured foams to fully automated molding of polyurethanes in LFI, Honeycomb, RIM, etc.

AXEL’s broad product range provides options that accommodate different process temperatures and finished part requirements, providing the capability of molding matte or gloss finishes and the assurance of blemish and void free clean surfaces on parts every time. AXEL’s proprietary formulations are designed to keep molds running cleaner for longer, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

In addition to mold release coatings, AXEL also has specially formulated internal mold release additives that can be incorporated in in-mold coatings, and different polyurethane systems. These additives include special internal mold release for optically clear polyurethane and proven products for polyurethane pultrusion.

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External Mold Releases

Internal Mold Releases


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