Special Markets / Wind Energy

AXEL provides a variety of proprietary, water and solvent based semi-permanent releases systems to meet the molding requirements of wind blade, hub, and nacelle production.

 Brand Type Product Number Used For Features Application Technique
CleanWiz® Water-Based WCX Removing release and residue from molds. 100% water-based. For epoxy, FRP, or metal molds. Completely strips semi-perms. Use at ambient temperature. Scrub over mold surface and wash off with water.
XTEND® Water-Based W-7838D Resin infused blades. Matte finish mold release. 100% water-based. Recommended for epoxy resin infused blades. Wipe on. Bake at process temperature for a minimum of 15 minutes after final application.
XTEND® Water-Based W-HS Difficult release areas. 100% water-based. Useful for spot treatment of areas that have release problems. Wipe on, let dry.
XTEND® Solvent-Based PR-20 Sealing porosity in epoxy blade molds; restoring worn tooling Solvent-based primer has NO release properties. If needed, use before sealer and release. Apply by spraying or wiping.
CleanWiz® Solvent-Based CX-500 General purpose mold cleaner. Quick flashing, Quick cleaning. Wipe on liberally and wipe off before dry.
XTEND® Solvent-Based XTR Mold sealer nacelles; Blades: polyester or vinyl ester infusion Protects new molds. Improves release performance. Wipe on/polish lightly if desired.
XTEND® Solvent-Based 818+ Mold release nacelles; Blades: polyester or vinyl ester infusion, Fast, easy application. Quick drying. Wipe on and let dry. No wipe off or polishing required.
XTEND® Solvent-Based 832 Mold release nacelles; Blades: Nacelles; Blades: polyester, vinyl ester, or direct epoxy infusion. Good slip. Wipe-on/wipe-off for high gloss. Wipe-on and let dry for medium cosmetics.
XTEND® Solvent-Based 19RSS Mold release compression molding hub parts High slip and great durability medium cosmetics. Wipe or spray on and let dry.