AXEL offers a broad range of products focused on the needs of compounders and masterbatch producers, as well as those who are molding thermoplastic resins in a variety of processes. These products include MoldWiz additives that are available in powder, pellet, and liquid form, making these materials easy to use and highly effective at low addition rate, and suitable masterbatch or easily and directly incorporated by molders.

AXEL’s MoldWiz additives can:

  • Improve resin flow
  • Increase through-put in compounding or master batch operations
  • Reduce cycle time in injection molding
  • Provide easy release from mold cavities
  • Promote dispersion of fillers and color
  • Enhance scratch resistance surface appearance of molded parts

AXEL’s mold release coatings for thermoplastics include a vast array of water and solvent borne products in both bulk liquid and aerosol packaging. These include high performance options for all types of manufacturing.

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Injection Molding

Process Aid Additives
External Mold Releases 


Rotational Molding

Thermo/Vacuum Forming


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