Product demonstrations and how-to’s.

Sometimes, the easiest and best explanation comes from just seeing it, and that’s why we have this video portal. This is the place to look for the most up-to-date visual information on using AXEL’s products as well as some great guides to help in various molding processes.

Be sure to visit this site often to see what’s new, and let us know what else you would like to see here.

XTEND 832 Semi-Permanent Release-Guide To Use

This video guide demonstrates and describes application of XTEND 832 semi-permanent mold release.

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CX-500 General Purpose Mold Cleaner - Guide to Use

CX-500 is a fast evaporating, general purpose mold cleaner. This video guide illustrates the correct way to use this cleaner.

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WCX Mold Stripper - Guide to Use

A video guide to use of WCX mold stripper. This easy, user friendly water-based stripper is highly effective in removing contamination and residue of silicone, semi-permanent mold release and many compounds and polishes.

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Semi-Permanent Mold Sealer-Application of XTR

Start to finish demonstration of application of XTR semi-permanent mold sealer

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Semi-Permanent Mold Release - Application of XTEND 818

Start to finish application of 818, a high gloss semi-permanent mold release.

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