WCX Mold Stripper – Guide to Use

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A video guide to use of WCX mold stripper. This easy, user friendly water-based stripper is highly effective in removing contamination and residue of silicone, semi-permanent mold release and many compounds and polishes.

New Internal Mold Releases for DICY cured epoxy

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DICY cured epoxies are among the most tenacious in their bonding properties, prompting many in the industry to search for more effective ways to release DICY epoxy, resins, compounds, prepregs and laminates. Now AXEL offers two new internal mold releases: INT-1323 for accelerated DICY and INT-1329, for non-accelerated cures. 

AXEL Education Session at COMPOSITES 2013

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In case you missed our educational paper at COMPOSITES 2013, you can download a .pdf of this informative session which was presented by Scott Waterman, an AXEL technical manager with over 25 years experience in the composites industry, and a focus on closed molding operations.