MoldWiz INT-33LCA for Rotationally Molded Coolers

MichelleCase History


When a major recreational cooler manufacturer approached AXEL to have us solve difficult quality and release issues, we welcomed the challenge. Rotationally molded coolers require high quality surface cosmetics to maintain consumer loyalty in this very competitive market. With unique designs, difficult mold configurations and high-performance resins, release can often present the manufacturer with several challenges. Our technical team quickly attacked the problem from a unique chemistry angle.

Manual mold release application can be difficult for the operator when a fine balance is required between good demold performance and pristine cosmetics. What if we could eliminate the need for external release agents? This is where AXEL’s  industry leading range of release technology comes in: Internal Release Agent MoldWiz® INT-33LCA.

MoldWiz INT-33LCA can easily be added to the resin blend. Just 0.01-0.3% of the internal release is all that is needed. The “load and go” concept was embraced by the customer as they eliminated the need for any external release and operator variability. More importantly, this proprietary technology provided the coolers with a consistent finish throughout the part that consumers prefer, all while providing release uniformly throughout the mold. The result allowed the customer to reduce scrap rates by 18% and mold release cost by 21%.

Other benefits include:

  1. Reduces down-time related to excessive mold release buildup
  2. Low loading levels provides low cost alternatives to conventional release agents
  3. Promotes improved resin flow
  4. Won’t interfere with in-mold graphics and decals
  5. Optimizes pigment dispersion resulting in more uniform color and elimination of swirl marks
  6. Enhances anti-static characteristics
  7. Environmentally friendly
  8. Ability to maintain all resin physical properties

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