Next Generation Release Agent for Manufacture of Polyurethane Concrete Formliners

MichelleCase History

When a major manufacturer of formliners for decorative concrete was looking for a better solution for release agent, AXEL was there to present the next generation in technology. Polyurethane elastomer formliners are designed to accurately mimic the intricate natural look of rock, brick, wood, etc. This can produce a myriad of processing and release challenges for the molder.

Working together with the manufacturer, AXEL introduced a novel range of chemistries to look for new approaches to the old problems of substrate compatibility, surface quality, minimal to no transfer and most importantly, ease of release. AXEL’s technical team quickly identified a unique chemistry that exceeded the customer’s expectations.

The result was a 30% improvement in productivity as our MoldWiz 462EPU Mold Release showed the ability to work on a wide range of mold material such as rock, brick, wood, and a variety of plastics. This eliminated the need for a special release agent for every type of substrate. Add in the improved release ease, reduced pin holes and increased formliner durability; a 21% cost reduction of release related costs were realized.

Other benefits include:

  1. Quick drying easy-to-use formula
  2. Increases efficiency; can provide multiple release per single application in many cases
  3. Promotes improved operational life of formliner
  4. Eliminates heavy, greasy silicone transfer and more secure footing for workers
  5. Operator-friendly low-viscosity formula is easy to apply via spray, wipe or brush
  6. Improves appearance and detail of formliners creating a better-quality product
  7. Excels on a variety of mold or pattern surfaces.

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