Case Histories

Real world examples of how our products
are making a real difference.

It is a pleasure to share some case histories about the performance of AXEL’s mold releases and process aid additives in various manufacturing applications. In most cases, we must protect the confidentiality of our customers and some small details, however what we report here are true stories of AXEL’s products in use and the value that our customers have found in using our products.

If you would like to share your story with us, please contact us.

Brakes & Abrasives

Brakes & Abrasives
MoldWiz® WB-B25 in Brake Pad Production – Decribes the ease and economy of a 100% water-based release with excellent paintability.

Concrete & Polymer Concrete

MoldWiz® WB-CONC in Precast Concrete – Two case histories describe the use of the water-base release; 1) in pre-stressed panel production and 2) in...


MoldWiz® INT-619 for PC and PC/ABS - two case histories describe the use of this process aid additive.


MoldWiz® INT-33LCA in Rotomolding LLDPE  - Details the use of the process aid additive to improve release of LLDPE parts and reduce mold...


XTEND® 19RSS semi-permanent mold release is designed for non-gelcoated part production and the toughest molding conditions like: “B” side RTM; DCPD...