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technical guidesThis is a resource area for our customers, designed to provide not only a better understanding of AXEL’s mold releases and process aid additives, but also, test procedures for trialing products, proper handling of semi-permanent mold release, equipment guides and other useful information for workers and managers involved in many different types of manufacture. Please feel free to print these documents and use them for worker training or any other educational programs.

AXEL’s goal is to help you work better and smarter. If we have missed any topic that you would like to know more about, please contact us with your suggestions and check back frequently for new updates.

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Focus On: Handling Semi-Permanent Mold Releases

This illustrated brochure discusses hand and spray application, storage, dispensing and use of semi-permanent mold release products.

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Focus On: The Importance of Clean Molds

Beginning with a clean mold is essential to successful use of semi-permanent mold release. Read why, and how to properly prepare molds for application of sealers and release.

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Focus On: Plugs, Patterns and New Molds

Plugs, patterns and newly built molds are the most demanding release situations and the times when de-molding problems most frequently occur. Read this informative brochure that explains why de-molding problems most often occur, and helpful tips on how to avoid trouble

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Focus On: Spraying Semi-Permanent Mold Release

A useful document that explains the use of HVLP (high volume low pressure) spray guns, pressure pots and other equipment used to apply semi-permanent mold release. This  illustrated document features important guides in setting up, testing, maintenance and shutdown procedures for spray equipment.

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Equipment: The HVLP Spray Gun Explained

An exploded photo of an HVLP spray gun explaining the parts and the proper specifications for use in spraying semi-permanent and other types of mold release products. This is a useful chart for training those new to HVLP equipment.

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Equipment: Using Drum Driers

Solvent-based semi-permanent mold releases are sensitive to moisture since this is one of the mechanisms by which they cure. Drum driers can be an important asset in conserving semi-permanent release products during use. This document illustrates who to properly install and use this equipment.

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Testing: Internal Mold Releases in Thermoset Resins

Details the procedures to follow to screen an internal mold release prior to conducting a full scale production evaluation.

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Testing: Internal Mold Release in Pultrusion

Describes important considerations in evaluating internal mold releases in pultrusion applications.

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